Volume fabricators and finishers of wood composite panels serving manufacturers of Furniture, POP Displays, Store Fixtures and a wide variety of other industries.


For over 40 years, leading companies in many industries have relied on Custom Finishing’s ability to provide a variety of wood composite panels quickly, accurately, and consistently. Whether we are providing hardboard or MDF components for furniture manufacturers or point of purchase displays for store fixture manufacturers, our experience and attention to detail ensures delivery of parts on time, on size and on color.

We specialize in custom fabrication and finishing of hardboard and composite boards for:

Major Retail

Furniture Components

Food and Beverage


Point of Purchase


Over 40 years ago, CFI was founded by three men with expertise in processing wood based panels and in the chemical coating of panels.  The core business plan was to supply the expanding furniture industry primarily within a 100-mile radius of High Point, North Carolina, the Furniture Capital of the World. Success came early.  Since then, the physical factory has been expanded six times and two remote warehouses are used for raw material storage. Unfortunately, 90% of our wood furniture manufacturing customers fell victim to imports. Very little residential wood furniture manufacturing as we knew it remains in the US.

Fortunately, our manufacturing processes and raw materials for producing flat furniture parts are similar to parts required for displays and fixtures. We have been successful in transitioning into these markets with few changes in our operation.

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